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Pakeen Farm is a diversified family farm located in Canton, MA.

In September and October, we open for PUMPKINS, APPLES, HOT CIDER, FRESH MINI DONUTS & MORE.  Learn more about our Fall Harvest Season...


CHRISTMAS TREE SEASON begins on the day after Thanksgiving, and generally lasts until the weekend before Christmas.  Learn more about our Christmas Season...

Protected Land, Forever

In 1994, the owners of Pakeen Farm established a privately-held Conservation Restriction on roughly 150 acres of the property.  Partnering with The Trustees of Reservations, they insured that the land would remain natural, scenic, and undeveloped, forever. 

Our History

Pakeen Farm has been a part of our family since 1899.  Managed as a diversified hobby farm for the greater part of a century, Pakeen Farm began a new chapter in 1993 with the first planting of Christmas trees (to be grown for eight years before cutting).  The first C.S.A. shares were distributed in 2009 to a small group of adventurous friends and neighbors.  Our inaugural Fall Harvest season took place in 2012 (with Pakeen Farm mini donuts arriving the year after), and our first Spring Season seedlings were sold in May 2022.  

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