C.S.A. SEASON 2021

C.S.A. 2021 DETAILS:
  • Share Seasons:

    • Full Season: 23 weeks from mid-June thru mid-November

      • Summer Season Only: 12 weeks from mid-June thru Labor Day

      • Fall Season Only: 11 weeks from Labor Day thru mid-November

  • Pickup Days:

    • Summer CSA Season: Thursday afternoons from 3pm-7pm, and Saturdays from 10am-2pm

    • Fall CSA Season:

      • From just after Labor Day through Halloween, members may collect their shares at any time during the farm's open business hours: 9am-5pm Thurs-Sun ​​

      • In November, CSA distribution hours revert to the Summer schedule (see above)

  • All CSA shares are pre-packed by Pakeen Farm staff.

  • Pricing:

    • $99 Annual Membership Fee, paid at sign up 

    • Family Share: $35 per week, must commit to Full Season, Summer Season Only, or Fall Season Only

    • Single Share: $24 per week, must commit to Full Season, Summer Season Only, or Fall Season Only

  • Add-on Options:

    • Fruit Share: $12 per week, Summer Season only

    • Meat Share: $69 per distribution (every 3 weeks), must commit to Full, Summer, or Fall Season

    • Egg Share: $6.50 per distribution (1 dozen per week), must commit to Full, Summer, or Fall Season

    • Pick-your-own items available for purchase at Pakeen Farm, when in-season

    • Additional farmstand items available for pre-order each week. 

  • By participating in this C.S.A., members help keep Pakeen Farm ACTIVE and ALIVE in a region where farms are continuously disappearing.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

Pakeen Farm C.S.A. Policy

  • It is my responsibility to PICK UP MY SHARE within the allocated time frame on pick up days; 

  • If I cannot pick up my weekly share for any reason, it is my responsibility to ARRANGE FOR SOMEONE ELSE to PICK IT UP;

  • If my share is not picked up by the end of distribution hours on Saturday, then the contents of my share MAY BE DONATED, DISTRIBUTED, SOLD OR COMPOSTED at the discretion of Pakeen Farm;

  • It is my responsibility to OPEN AND READ EMAILS from Pakeen Farm, as these emails may contain payment notices, policy changes, notifications, and other important information;

  • Unfortunately, Pakeen Farm CANNOT PROCESS REFUNDS OR CANCELLATIONS for any reason, neither in person nor via the online system.